Never allow your schedules to be submitted
Unless they Meet All Required and Wanted Criteria


This is a scheduler who was properly trained and wants to submit only the very best realistic, achievable and correct project Schedule that he or she will produce. They brainstorm with their project team to achieve the most efficient project workflow. They check every aspect of the schedule using Steelray Project Analyzer.


Most often these participants are seasoned industry and field professionals who got to their positions by climbing the company job position ladder or obtaining related higher education. They recognize the importance of following and maintaining the project schedule. They gain full safe access to their project schedule Using Steelray Project Viewer and use it to convey field status and suggested updates to the scheduling team.


Field Management for a very modest cost can now really use the schedule and participate in the schedule updating process..

The scheduler, the project management team and the field management team all

NEED PROPER ROLE-SPECIFIC TRAINING using Steelray Project Analyzer and Project Viewer as their interface to the project schedule.

Their Company Needs to Make this Part of their Job and supply them with Steelray Software on a handheld device.!