Work requires the expenditure of effort. Effort comes only fron us, the project/company resources. There are only so many of us trained properly and available to work on this project, this particular activity, and this particular aspect of the work at hand. Often to do that work we must have certain tools, equipment, time & space. What we are to work on must be there and ready for the work at hand. None of this happens without planning, scheduling, initiating, tracking and expediting.

Procurement chain management on many projects, especially in construction, either does not exist or is a haphazard process at best. Most schedules fail miserably to include the logic needed to track procurement and/or connect procurement with field operations. It's simply too much trouble and time consumming. It might take an extra 5 minutes. We expect that risk is avoided and all will happen our way. Boy, does Murphy have a surprise for you! Don't do an incomplete job of scheduling your procurement.

You want a scheduling consultant who will work as an adjunct team member.