Familuarity With Many Systems

Though we fully believe that software does not make the schedule, the scheduler does. It is important that the scheduler is familiar and proficient with the software being applied. Today, software is the tool of our trade. A scheduler should not learn the tools on the client's nickle.

There are many variations of schedule and schedule network components today that follow divergent rule sets. Proper tool application depends on the expertise of the scheduler.

No longer is the only primary tool Primavera. Tools once popular only outside of the US are becoming part of the mainstream scheduling softawre in the us and this trend will continue and accererate.

Us project owners are realizing that it is crucial to manage project risk and not accept poor schedules by applying tools like Deltek Acumen Fuse, Risk and 360. Schedulers today must know far more than just basic CPM.

Insist On Quality

Workflow Logic
Echo Team's Plan

Every member of the project team must buyin or your plan will not work.

Smart Use of Risk Registry
Must not be half-hearted

You may pretend it does not exist, the only one you fool is yourself.

Fully Understand Means & Methods
This Is Your Plan & Obligation

Others will judge you on how you perform against your plan Do you want that next job?.

Timely Evaluation
Paths to your goal will change

Risk outcome will be absorbed and new risks will develop. Re-evaluate along the way.