Our customers and clients have varied over the years, We have worked for Oracle Primavera Partners, Primavera Dealers, Engineers, contractors, owners, attorneys, project owners, other consultants and others.

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Our strategy is simple. We use our many years of experience to determine and professionally utilize the best right approach to solve your problem or plan/schedule your project. We look for the simplest and least expensive way.

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No analytic approach should ever be used that is too complicated to be simply explained and substantiated to a lay audiance. The reviewers and approvers of your work product are usually not technicians or schedulers.

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White Papers

Tracking Weather Delays 

This is not a new subject, but a new approach to handling an old important subject in a new way.

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Fishbone diagrams are not new, but they are underused. They can greatly help to untangle cumulative impact effect. Recent Paper.

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If your project is impacted, go here for help.

We Are The Best At What We Do!

There are many aspects and usage variations of the Critical Path Method. It is used by many and implementation varies greatly. Software developers have added and enhanced the basic CPM process, some good and some not so good. We know them all and use them as they are needed. Read More

Schedule risk is real. Tomorow and all tomorrows will bring change. Some change will be positive and helpful. Some, often most, change will create new problems we must solve. Our past experience, when analyzed carefully, will provide us with clearer forward vision and help us to define possible risks and their severity that we should take into account. This is a critical part of planning and scheduling.

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